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Episode #22: Starting a Garden, Soil, Seeds, and For the Love of Mason Jars with Pioneering Today's Melissa K. Norris
March 30, 2017 Melissa K. Norris
It's great to find like minded folks who are living the Hunt Harvest Health lifestyle, and today's podcast guest is the epitomy of that!  She is a 3rd generation homesteader, living in the PNW with her husband and two kids on their family homestead.  Her podcast Pioneering Today is a gem of knowledge to help you get more self sufficient, start a garden, can your food, and make your own health products.  She is a lover of family, faith, and the freedom of the DIY lifestyle.  Ryan is one of her biggest fans, so it's a pleasure to have her on our show!  We expect to see her again as a regular!   In this episode Ryan, Hillary, and Melissa discuss:  Why mason jars are the bomb.  What first time gardeners need to know.   Last average frost date- soil temperature- soil amendments- location.   Tomatoes and how to water them the right way to avoid blight.    Acidic va alkaline soils.   Water, light, and soil- manure, compost, and how to use them properly.  Raised beds.   Blossom end rot in tomatoes and using eggshells for calcium.  Plants that like acidity and using coffee grounds.  Gardening is an experiment.   Seed selection. Why she loves heirloom seeds.   First average frost dates and how this dictates your hunting and harvesting season.  The family benefits of growing a garden and canning.  The taste difference of fresh, out of the garden, food.   Heirloom tomatoes for preserving.   Hybrid seeds, an why you can't save them. GMO seeds and DNA splicing from plants and animals.  Plants to grow - tar pole beans, tomatoes, herbs, squash,  Don't grow what you don't like!   Her gardening planning chart for a family of any family size. show notes
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