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Episode #24: Dave Beronio of Outback Outdoors- Lead by Example
May 11, 2017 Dave Beronio
Ryan and Dave met one year ago at the Nevada Train to Hunt, and since then have forged a great friendship.  Dave has been a role model for Ryan in pushing his physical limits, leadership, and creating more optimism in  life.  If you don't know Dave, you probably know him as one of the face's of Cabela's, and as a lead in the hunting show Outback Outdoor's on the Outdoor Channel.  He guides in Wyoming, travels the world hunting and filming, resides over 170 weddings per year, and is a great Dad to his two kids.   Proud of his hunting history, he also helps to research black bears in the Sierra Nevada's, as well as other conservation and public lands issues.  There is so much we could say about Dave, but the best would be from his own words- Lead by Example.   Get entire show notes at
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