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Episode #26: Pursue the Wild and Train to Hunt with Kristi Titus
June 06, 2017 Kristi Titus
In the hunting world, Kristi Titus is a celebrity.  With stunning eyes, big smile, and a laugh that is immediately recognizable, Kristi's appeal and down to earth heart is such a breath of fresh air.   She loves who she is, what she stands for, and has big goals to share the "culture" of hunting with anyone who will listen.   We met Kristy at the Oregon Train to Hunt, and were lucky enough to get to witness her and her partner, Krista Magnussen, both with "disabilities", beat up the challenge course.  And after the grueling 14 hour day, Kristi agreed to sit down and chat with Ryan and I for a quick podcast before the awards ceremony.  She is so excited about her June 5th launch of Pursue the Wild on Youtube, a project she has been working on the last year- and from what she tells us, it's bound to not only teach, but inspire, women and girls to be themselves.  It was a privlege meeting Kristi, but it was even greater to see someone who is using her celebrity status through positivity.  We all know the world needs more of this!!! - Hillary In this podcast:  Ryan and Hillary share their results, insights, and moments at Oregon Train to Hunt.  Kristi discusses the media and the poor narrative represented of hunters.  She discusses conservation with Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Pittman Robertson Act, and how hunters and anglers are funding 75% of conservation in North America. etc.  Hillary shares her train to hunt experience and the feelings around what it means for her.   Kristi talks about her Pursue the Wild series launching on Youtube June 5th, 2017.   She wants to show others the culture of the outdoors, hunting, fishing, and being in the great outdoors.  Kristi shares the story behind her recent knee surgery and healing process.  They discuss being at the Oregon Train to Hunt and how her and her partner, Krista, conquered the course.  Kristi and Hillary discuss lifestyle, and healthcare.  Kristi finishes it up with how the memories made on the mountain with friends and family will last a lifetime.  Kristi works with: Cabela's Wilderness Athlete Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Swarovski Optiks Ruger Firearms Just to name a few..... Find show notes at
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