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Episode #27: Food Friday: Getting Wild with Dandelions and Why Nettles are So Good For You
June 09, 2017 Dr. Hillary Lampers
This Food Friday is all about wildcrafting- a fancy term for harvesting wild foods- right out of your yard.  Instead of looking at common "pest" plants like dandelions and nettles as bad, we like to use them as medicine.  Both of these plants have been used for centuries to heal common complaints such as joint pains, allergies, liver problems, and excess swelling.  They are full of nutrients and bioavailable phytochemicals that when eaten as food, improve overall health.  In this podcast: Dr. Hillary shares why Nettles are such a great food.  Check out nettles in our Healing Foods section, where you can see video of her harvesting and making Nettle Tea in one day!  She shares the entire process of what it took to make her own Roasted Dandelion Root Tea.  Find this recipe here, and in the Healing Foods section.  Full show notes at Recipe at
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