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Episode #28: The Real Solohntr- Getting Personal with Tim Burnett
June 29, 2017 Tim Burnett
We had no idea when we started this podcast, that within months of launching we would be talking to people like Tim Burnett of Solohntr.  For years Ryan has been a fan of Solohntr on the Outdoor Channel, since he has been a solo hunter for most of his hunting career.  Like most of the amazing people we have met in the last year, Train to Hunt seems to be the common denominator, which is where Ryan met Tim. Tim shares a lot of great stuff in this podcast.  He also states that he has shared more personal stories here than on any other podcast or Solohntr episode.  We hope you enjoy it as much as we did recording it.  SOLOHNTR SEASON 8 PREMIERS THE WEEK OF JUNE 26TH ON THE OUTDOOR CHANNEL, MAKE SURE TO CHECK IT OUT!  Find full show notes at
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