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Episode #29: Freedom with Kristy Titus and Jana Waller
July 04, 2017 Jana Waller and Kristy Titus
Happy 4th of July 2017! If you are an American, this day is synonymous with summer, fireworks, and celebration! It seems there is no better way to get this day going than with a fabulous group of ladies talking about the freedoms we hold dear! Jana Waller of Skullbound TV and Kristy Titus of Pursue the Wild take an hour out of their busy speaking schedules at the NW Elk Camp in Oregon, to talk with Dr. Hillary about all kinds of things! The overall theme is the powerful friendships and family that this community has, and why it's a message that the world need right now. Kristy and Jana are both conservationists and have forged successful careers in the predominantly male demographic. They both speak of inclusion, acceptance, and mental dedication to this lifestyle they so love. They are wonderful role models for us all, and it was such a pleasure to get to learn more about them! In this podcast: Dr. Hillary introduces the book From Boys to Men of Heart: Hunting as a Rite of Passage by Randall Eaton PhD. Introduction of Kristy and Jana and how Dr. Hillary met each of them. Jana shares her love for holistic medicine, hunting traditions, and how she knows nothing about gardening. Kristy shares how happy she is to be part of a community of female hunters, something she didn't have for most of her life. They all discuss hunting stereotypes, and why inclusion and unification is so important for hunting to survive. The importance of getting children to understand the cycle of life and where food comes from as well as women becoming the biggest growing demographic in hunting. Jana talks about global Hollywood and how it has affected the hunting world, and how 80% of those out there don't understand but might be interested in this way of life. The discussion talks about how life can change for women after having a baby, but why we shouldn't stop living our lives and doing what we love. Kristy shares about her relatives who survived the Great Depression living in Hell's Canyon. How hunting is conservation and the downfalls of mainstream media. Hillary shares her background with a Native American step father, and the romanticism of what what truly was a harder way of living, but fostered greater health and mental stability. Jana shares a few stories of working with Wishes for Warriors and granting wishes for amputees on Skullbound TV, and how it has changed her life forever. They discuss the mental mindsets and how it can be as detrimental as a physical limitation. They give advice on mentorship and encouraging non-hunters about hunting, and how making mistakes and listening to ourselves can make us stronger. They each share their greatest strengths, weaknesses, and what they are most grateful for which is FREEDOM. Tune in to hear these GREAT words of wisdom! Please think of giving back to those who made the ultimate sacrifice so that we can celebrate our freedom as American's. Consider donating to Wishes for Warriors, a veteran operated non-profit that is working to prove that there is life after war. Visit Find full show notes at
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