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Episode #36: Winning in the Bottom of the 9th: Hunting Nevada Mule Deer with the Guys of Hunt Wild
August 29, 2017 Jeff Lusk, Paul Hallerr, and Eric Forslin of Hunt Wild
Ryan meets up with the Hunt Wild film boys, Jeff Lust, Paul Hallerr, and Eric Forslin. He interviews them about Paul's 2017 Nevada Mule Deer Hunt, where he drew the same unit that Ryan did. This is a fun conversation that travels through the high country of Nevada and Paul Haller's mule deer hunt. This hunt was dedicated to Paul's father who died only 7 months ago. In his own words from a recent IG @p_hallerr post: He taught me everything I know about the outdoors. He taught me how to shoot a bow, a rifle, how to call elk, how to love the outdoors, respect the outdoors, the animals, and how to have patience while hunting. The 26 years that I got to spend by my fathers side was something I will cherish forever. Being by his side in the woods watching him hunt as a youngster are some of my favorite memories with him. — Paul Hallerr Get entire show notes at
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