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Episode #37: FOOD FRIDAY- Dark Timber Coffee's Tony Burlison Shares His Coffee Knowledge and How To Make It Part of Your Backcountry Experience.
September 01, 2017 Tony Burlison
Tony Burlison has been around coffee as far back as he can remember. It's been a passion of his, along with hunting, since a young age, and now he brought that love to us with the Dark Timber Coffee brand. A PNW born company, Dark Timber is blowing up the world of backcountry coffee making as we know it. With the new Ascent pack, this one of a kind coffee single lets you drink a French Press quality drink without packing in all the equipment. In this episode, Tony talks about his history with coffee, his business experience, his reasons for creating the Ascent packs, and lots more. Buy the new StHealthy Hunter Blend from Dark Timber here Find full show notes at
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