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Episode #47: HHH Hunting Stories 2017- Jon Gabrio on Bear, Goats, Elk, Moose, and Whitetail
December 31, 2017 Jon Gabrio
Jon Gabrio is a Washington local who since a child has the passion for hunting. Ryan sits down with Jon and talks about this passion, and how his 2017 ended up. This is a long podcast, but Jon is a good storyteller, it's fun to hear the excitement in his voice! In this podcast: Jon shares his Washington roots and why he hopes to retire in Montana. He starts talking about his Spring bear hunt and how Ryan was discovered with his boots off. After the WA Spring bear hunt he shares his BC mountain goat hunt that he did in honor of his father. He then shares his Montana elk hunt success. Lastly he gives props to his 70 year old Dad and how after 40 years he was drawn for a WA moose hunt. Ryan shares how his Dad kept the wolves off of his Idaho moose! Jon shares how he likes to hunt Whitetails. Find full show notes at The Testosterone Project
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