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Episode #48: Mood, Motivation, Muscle, and Mojo with Dr. Jaclyn Chasse and the Testosterone Project
January 01, 2018 Dr. Jaclyn Chasse
t's the New Year and everyone is looking to improve their health through exercise, losing weight, or gaining muscle--- but what about helping improve your biochemistry and the factors that could be leading to fatigue, weight gain, decreased libido, and a depressed mood?  Testosterone is a big piece of this for men, so today's podcast addresses these very questions with talking some medical evidence into why lifestyle is so important for men's health!  Dr. Jaclyn Chasse of Perfect Fertility is an expert in hormonal health for both men and women, and she gives some great information to set you up for The Testosterone Project - our New Year's program designed specifically to teach everything you ever wanted to know about your testosterone!  There is mature content in the beware with your kiddos.  find full show notes at
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