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Episode #50: Getting Down on Dirty Genes with Dr. Ben Lynch
January 18, 2018 Dr. Ben Lynch
I've had the fortune to know many incredible healers in my life.  People that have made it their mission to change the face of medicine and healing through nature.  Today's guest is someone we are lucky enough to call friend, and it was so cool to have him on our podcast!  Dr. Ben Lynch is the founder of Seeking Health, Stratagene, and Dr. Ben Lynch.  He has pioneered the MTHFR movement, and continues to be on the cutting edge of genetics.   This podcast is long, and it's personal.  We talk about our lives, and our personalities.  We talk about genes such as MTHFR and COMT, and we talk about the most important piece:  Lifestyle.  He is also a supporter of ancestral living and returning to the basics of gardening, hunting, and clean air, water, etc.   Make sure to catch us during the week of January 22 - 29 on Dr. Ben's Dirty Genes Summit.   Find show notes and video at Join The Dirty Genes Summit at
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