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Episode #52: Getting Ready for Next Season: Breaking Down Train to Hunt with Kenton Clairmont, Jesse Wise, and Trever Niestrath
February 19, 2018 Kenton Clairmont, Jesse Wise, Trever Niestrath
“You don’t have to be in shape to hunt, but what if something happens in the backcountry and your partner is hurt, can you get your partner out of there? This is the #1 reason you need to be a fit hunter. — Kenton Clairmont In today's podcast, we welcome you back to Train to Hunt season! Ryan sits down with Kenton Clairmont, Jesse Wise, and Trevor Neistrath, to talk all things TTH. To learn more and how to register, visit Join us at the Lampers Ranch May 5th for the Washington Train to Hunt.
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