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Episode #54: Authenticity, Being True to Yourself, and Women Who Hunt with Jana Waller
March 16, 2018 Jana Waller
Most of the hunting community knows the name Jana Waller. She is one of the top women in the world who has made a living through hunting. As creator of Skullbound TV on the Sportsmans Channel, she has dedicated her life to sharing her passion for hunting and combining it with her talented artistry. Going in to her home, sharing a meal, and learning about the many memories that she has, along with the music lessons from her partner in life and business, Jim Kinsey, it was an amazing day. This is one of our favorite podcasts, and Jana Waller's authenticity is contagious. She is a true gem in a business that is constantly transforming in a world that that may not understand. This podcast is also for the ladies who Jana feels are some of the best outdoor's women in the world. She also feels that it's time for women to move from sexing up their images, and standing strong as women who are representing such a controversial yet important way of life! All pictures thanks of Jim Kinsey, Jana Waller, and SkullboundTV. Find Jana @: Instagram: @skullboundtv Facebook: Skullbound TV Skullbound TV Website- Video and show notes at
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