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Episode #60: Dan "The Fitness Man" Staton of Elkshape
May 25, 2018 Dan Staton and Ryan Lampers
Hey everyone! Today’s episode is once again a duel launch. A while back during show season, Ryan sat down with Dan Evans of the Elk Shape Podcast, and was a guest on his show. We’ve decided that the conversation was so good, that we wanted to release it on our podcast as well! Dan and Ryan mostly reminisce over the past seasons hunts, and Dan asks a lot about Ryan’s crazy adventures in his out of state hunts. And of course the conversation soon turns to how this upcoming season will play out. Ryan shares how this season will be little different than in the past, due to the fact that he is all in for filming this year. Which its about time! I hope you all enjoy this episode, thanks for tuning in! Show Notes: * Interview starts (4:00) * Ryans lightning strike hunt (8:15) * Nevada’s diverse units (12:00) * Dealing with altitude sickness (19:30) * Bear hunting with our daughter (25:00) * Hunting with a camera this season (31:00) * Upcoming hunts (36:00) * Traveling across the country for hunts (44:30) * Taking care of home before leaving for season (53:15) * Applying for mountain goat hunts (59:30) * The big three in Idaho (1:06:00) Full show notes at
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