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Episode #63: Llamas, Bears, Elk, and The Dream of Living Out West with Mark Livesay of Treeline Pursuits
June 09, 2018 Mark Livesay
Welcome back to the podcast!  Today we have the privilege of sharing a conversation we had with our friend Mark Livesay of Treeline Pursuits.  A Missouri native, Mark and his family moved to the mountains of Missoula, Montana and have been living the outdoor life ever since.  With decades as a ironman athlete, and owner of, Mark's realized that his passion for elk hunting was slowly slipping away.  Coming to Montana was a dream that allowed him to return to his passion of elk hunting.  He also has become quite the Llama expert, so we get a taste of how this has changed his backcountry experiences.  We talk about food dehydration, scouting, and how his wife finally made the decision it was time to move out West! Find full show notes and links at Last day to get the all access pass to The Homesteading Summit starting June 10th is June 9th!
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