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Episode #64: The Call of The Wild, Near Bear Attacks, Travel Trailers, and Why Alaska is a Hunter's (and Fisherman's) Dream with Abe Henderson of AlaskaDIY
June 22, 2018 Abe Henderson
Ryan sits down with great friend Abe Henderson to talk about his new job and life as a hunting guide and family man in Alaska. Having met over a year ago and becoming great friends of ours, Abe and his wife Jess, with their 5 kids ventured into the Alaska wilderness to follow a dream they had for years to return to the wilds of Alaska. Abe talks about bears and how he stopped a bear attack during a guided hunt, as well why Sitka deer hunting on Kodiak Island is the best there is! Subscribe to Abe's podcast AlaskaDIY and check out his website to find his Sitka Blacktail Hunting Guide. Get 20% with HHH20 when you buy that guide! Find entire show notes at Thanks for being part of the Homesteading Summit. If you want access to all the videos forever check out:
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