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Episode #65: Tackling the Thyroid, Autoimmunity, and The Energy and You School with Dr. Katy Koukouras
July 03, 2018 Dr. Hillary Lampers and Dr. Katy Koukouras
We realize it's summer and most of you are getting out enjoying the great outdoors, especially with tomorrow being July 4th!  So what a better topic to discuss than your continued health!  Today I sit down with a colleague and business partner Dr. Katy Koukouras to talk about one of you most commonly asked questions- What about my thyroid?  That could seem like a simple question, but in our world it's a multifaceted one.  Today we are going to touch on the a lot of topics around the immune system, what autoimmunity is, Hashimoto's thyroiditis, and why the immune system is so important. Make sure to join our FREE Energy and You School starting July 15th and learn more about your thyroid, immune system, and the other hormones that influence it.  Find the entire show notes at Joint the FREE Energy and You School at
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