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Episode #71: Our Montana Move Recap, Hunting Season, Puppies, and What's New with Ryan and Hillary
November 25, 2018 Ryan Lampers and Dr. Hillary Lampers

Well, hunting season is over in the Lampers household, and Ryan has made his way to Montana where we now have a new house and a place to call home!  This podcast is really just a recap of the last few months in our life, why we love Montana, and Ryan does a short recap on his hunting season.  

If you want puppies we have 4 English Setter puppies left, and we’d love to find them great homes- we’ve become quite attached to them.  Email us if you can’t handle another day without a cute little puppy!! 

We also introduce two new contributors to our Hunt Harvest Health family- Emilie Okopal and Joe Sangimino, a wonderful young couple from Pennsylvania.  They are quite the avid sportsmen and woman, and they are amazing with recipes and writing!  We hope you enjoy their stories/blogs that we will be posting frequently and well as recipes they are contributing! 

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