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It All Starts With Self-Awareness & Self-Regulation

January 23, 2023 Tim Hagen
Coaching Conversations
It All Starts With Self-Awareness & Self-Regulation
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Show Notes

Everything we do in terms of our ability to improve and receive coaching or mentoring or training starts with self-awareness. It's one's ability to truly look at themselves in the mirror and be honest with oneself. Second, everybody needs to improve self regulation their ability to not impulsively disrupt or interrupt and to truly stay in the moment and avoid imparting judgment on others. Think about every interaction we have with people whether it would be providing feedback or disappointing them when they did not get a promotion do people react calmly or emotionally? I think many people listen emotionally and when they hear something they don't like and I think we are all guilty of this we tend to react emotionally not logically or rationally.

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