Amanda Joy's Podcast

The Wednesday Wellbeing show 2nd of June 2021 with Cici Reagan

June 03, 2021 Amanda Joy Season 4 Episode 12
Amanda Joy's Podcast
The Wednesday Wellbeing show 2nd of June 2021 with Cici Reagan
Show Notes

This week on the #wednesdaywellbeing show Im talking transformation and healing from addiction. 

The Action on Addiction charity says it saw an 86% rise in the number of people seeking help this January compared with last year. 

The families of those with substance abuse issues have spoken of the immense pressure and danger this lockdown has put on their lives. 

With support groups limited to 15 people, many charities are unable to hold sessions safely in person. Some supportive groups, are still operating for people with substance use disorders. Many have transitioned to online like The Adfam charity that has been solely relying on online and telephone support. 

Practitioners like myself know that using technology for our services inevitably leaves many people out. Many without access to broadband are being left behind, abd the disconnect of online communication makes our roles as pillars of support increasingly difficult. 

Thus week I'm  chatting with CiCi Reagan who brings her wonderful story of healing  transformation and hope. 

Cici is a recovering addict, domestic abuse survivor, and published author. 

She now works with fellow survivors of addiction, abuse, and trauma to unearth their inner strength and heal through the power of writing. Her followers and members of her community refer to her as ‘inspiring,’ but her main goal is to simply share her story so that others know they aren’t alone. 

This weeks show leaves you full of hope and you can listen to all my show  live at 8 pm on or catch up on 

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