The Remote Pathways Podcast

EP008: Jennifer Grote, Strengths & Wellness Coach

March 04, 2020 Jennifer Britton and Michelle Mullins Season 1 Episode 8
The Remote Pathways Podcast
EP008: Jennifer Grote, Strengths & Wellness Coach
Show Notes

In this episode of Remote Pathways we are interviewing Jennifer Grote! Jennifer G. is a Strengths Champion Certified Coach® for individuals, managers, and teams who want to leverage their innate talents to shine brighter and achieve more together.

She is also a Nationally Board Certified Integrative Health Coach, Yoga Teacher, and Mindfulness practitioner. With this foundation she is able to bring a unique perspective to employee engagement and work life balance. Jennifer helps individuals and teams to thrive utilizing strengths, stress management, and work-life balance strategies.

You're going to enjoy our conversation as Jennifer G. shares her story about working remote, a little about Strengths, and what she likes to call 'Mojo'!

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Jennifer G.'s remote working story
  • Tips to overcome feelings of loneliness
  • How community can make a big difference 
  • Benefits of the Strengths approach to work
  • Remote working culture for individuals and teams 
  • Fun ways to find your 'Mojo' and why it matters

This week's download from Jennifer Grote
Mojo Habits for Remote Workers

Guest Resources
Check out our NEW Guest page to learn more about Jennifer Grote

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This week's question
What helps you find your Motivation in the remote space?

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