The Remote Pathways Podcast

EP30: The Power of Collaborating and Designing with Community

February 03, 2021 Jennifer Britton and Michelle Mullins Season 2 Episode 30
The Remote Pathways Podcast
EP30: The Power of Collaborating and Designing with Community
Show Notes

Jennifer and Michelle consider ways to better collaborate and design with clients, customers, community and teams. There is an incredible opportunity right now to collaborate with people around the world and design something wonderful together!

In this episode we explore:

  • Collaborating with the people you serve
  • Designing things that people really want
  • We create more when we come together (1 + 1 = 3)
  • The value and power of listening to those around you
  • Collaborating quickly in ever-changing environments
  • The benefits of PlanDoTrack workbook and planner 
  • Designing on the go!

Question of the Week:

What’s your next collaboration or design project?

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CONTENT Planning


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