The Remote Pathways Podcast

EP36: Asynchronous Verbal Conversations | Guest: Josh Little, Founder of Volley

May 05, 2021 Jennifer Britton and Michelle Mullins and Josh Little Season 2 Episode 36
The Remote Pathways Podcast
EP36: Asynchronous Verbal Conversations | Guest: Josh Little, Founder of Volley
Show Notes

In this episode of Remote Pathways podcast we welcome our guest, Josh Little to explore Asynchoronous Verbal Conversations and the awesome Volley app

Josh Little, a serial “tactile entrepreneur” (like Serge from the Digital Dozen). Josh has created and exited from two incredibly successful tech companies so far, with a third pending, and is now working on his fourth, Volley

Josh’s involvement in sales and marketing at three Fortune 500 companies gave him a solid foundation of leadership, storytelling, team-building, and communication. On that foundation, he created Volley. Volley solves the problem of “Death by Meetings” - bridging the gap between text-based apps like Slack and video-chat apps like Zoom by implementing asynchronous verbal conversations.

Josh’s work has been highlighted in TechCrunch, Mashable, Entrepreneur, Inc., and Forbes. His accomplishments aren’t only in the tech world; he’s also a classically trained singer and a fifth-generation pickler!

In this episode we explore:

  • Josh’s remote working story
  • Asynchronous video communication format
  • Designing technology that's flexible to the environment
  • The awesome Volley App
  • The power of having conversations without having to schedule them
  • Do we still need stand-up meetings?

Connect with Josh:

Click here to visit our guest page to learn more about our guest, Josh Little!

Episode Question:

What do you love about asynchronous conversations?


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