The Remote Pathways Podcast

EP38: Guest Patrick Burns | Co-Founder of Commons | Audio First Conversations for Teams

June 02, 2021 Jennifer Britton and Michelle Mullins and Patrick Burns Season 2 Episode 38
The Remote Pathways Podcast
EP38: Guest Patrick Burns | Co-Founder of Commons | Audio First Conversations for Teams
Show Notes

In this episode of Remote Pathways we welcome our guest, Patrick Burns and explore his team’s mission to make work feel more connected. Patrick is the co-founder of Commons, a venture-backed startup building the future of enterprise audio. Commons enables teams to have interactions you’d have in the physical office, without needing to step foot in it. 

 In this episode we explore:

  • Patrick’s remote working story
  • How to make work feel more connected
  • The power of watercooler conversations
  • The awesome Commons platform
  • The talent a world-wide team can bring
  • The most efficient way to talk to your team
  • Breaking free from the Zoom box
  • Different levels of availability in the workplace

Connect with Patrick:

Click here to visit our guest page to learn more about our guest, Patrick Burns!

Commons Special Offer:

Start 3-month free trial

Episode Question:

What’s your favorite way to connect with your team? 


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