The Remote Pathways Podcast

EP42: Hybrid Community & Connections | Guest: Clint Byars - Pastor of Forward Church

August 04, 2021 Jennifer Britton and Michelle Mullins and Clint Byars Season 2 Episode 42
The Remote Pathways Podcast
EP42: Hybrid Community & Connections | Guest: Clint Byars - Pastor of Forward Church
Show Notes

In this episode of Remote Pathways, Jennifer and Michelle are joined by guest, Clint Byars. Clint is the founding and lead pastor of Forward Church in Sharpsburg GA and the creator of Tools for Transformation. Clint shares his valuable lessons learned from facilitating community and nurturing connections with people around the world. He also shares some helpful tools for mind renewal.

In this episode we explore:

  • Clint's remote working experience and lessons learned along the way
  • Facilitating community and nurturing connections around the world
  • The power of authenticity and a genuine desire to connect
  • The importance of maintaining a personal connection with your online community
  • Leading with vision and values and sharing that with others
  • The benefits of brainwave entrainment technology 
  • Clint's Tools for Transformation and much more

Connect with Clint Byars:
Click here to visit our guest page to learn more about our guest, Clint Byars!

Episode Question:
What does facilitating community look like for your organization?

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