Hello My Quilting Friends

How to Say NO! and How This is Really Saying YES - Podcast #133

March 03, 2020 Leah Day Season 3 Episode 33
Hello My Quilting Friends
How to Say NO! and How This is Really Saying YES - Podcast #133
Show Notes

When you say Yes to everything, you are really saying No to the projects and quilts that take more time and are harder to create. Instead, say NO to the easy, unimportant projects you don't want to finish so you can say YES to your best!

My little hoop quilt is the land of Quilst from Mally the Maker. Learn more about Mally and go on an adventure with her here: https://mallythemaker.com

The Dream Big Quilt Along, yep, it's going to be an official Quilt Along is going to begin March 13th and will focus on Ruler Quilting! Pick up your panel so you're ready to get started: https://leahday.com/products/dream-big-poppy-panel

The Mini Book of Mini Blocks is coming soon! Right now I'm focused on quilting for the Dream Big Quilt Along and will be making huge strides on the book as soon as this is finished.

Qnique 19 Longarms are on sale in March 2020 - https://leahday.com/products/grace-qnique-19-frame-combos

We learned how to piece a Square in a Square block for Mini Block Monday this week: https://freemotionproject.com/2020/03/lets-piece-a-square-in-a-square-mini-block-monday-9.html

Find the Easter Basket pattern here: https://leahday.com/basket

The Carolina Lily mini block on the Easter Basket is a new tutorial coming soon!

Check out Sue Spargo's amazing website here: https://www.suespargo.com/index.php

We're going with Dry Pro for our basement drainage system. It is very expensive (and lots more chaos) but this looks like the best long term solution because we live and work in our basement every day. I do recommend Dry Pro based on our experience so far!

You can also get ALL the monthly Mini Block Patterns by joining the Quilt Friends Club. This helps support our business, this podcast, and all the quilting tutorials I share online! Join Leah's Quilting Friends Club here: https://www.quiltfriends.club/

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