Can We Do This?

S1: E3 - Jonny Diaz - Fit Factory Nashville

April 25, 2020 Annie & Zac Duckett Season 1 Episode 3
Can We Do This?
S1: E3 - Jonny Diaz - Fit Factory Nashville
Show Notes

Today’s guest is Jonny Diaz.  Jonny and his wife, Libby, are the owners of Fit Factory, a Nashville facility that was recently named “Best Gym” by Nashville Fit Magazine.  In our conversation with Jonny, we discuss how Libby’s small group fitness class in the park grew to become a gym boasting more than 400 members housed in 6,000 square feet.  We’ll also hear about the incremental steps in this transformation and the significant milestones they’ve reached. 

Jonny also provides insight into the complimentary dynamic between he and his wife, the genius of Libby’s training programs, and the importance of Fit Factory’s core culture.  We also cover marketing strategies, entrepreneurship, and much more. It was truly inspiring to chat with Jonny and we couldn’t be more appreciative of his time.  

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