Can We Do This?

S1: E7 - Conrad Goeringer - Working Triathlete

June 01, 2020 Annie & Zac Duckett Season 1 Episode 7
Can We Do This?
S1: E7 - Conrad Goeringer - Working Triathlete
Show Notes

Today’s guest is Conrad Goeringer, the owner of Working Triathlete.  Conrad is a former collegiate athlete turned competitive triathlete who turned his expertise into a professional coaching business.  True to its name, Working Triathlete supports working professionals by designing custom training regiments to fit within each athletes’ weekly schedule.  Conrad’s clients range from weekend warriors to competing professionals and he has garnered wide acclaim as a well-respected expert in his field. 

Some of the topics we cover are the importance of training efficiency, the common mistakes surrounding volume vs. intensity, and the application of triathlon training into other aspect of your life.  We’ll also discuss Conrad’s coaching philosophy and methodology as well as some of his personal accolades which include multiple Ironmans, including the famous Netherlands Ironman.  

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