Can We Do This?

S2: E5 - Terry Barga -

October 25, 2020 Annie & Zac Duckett Season 2 Episode 5
Can We Do This?
S2: E5 - Terry Barga -
Show Notes

Today’s guest is Terry Barga, the creator of  In this episode, we hear Terry’s inspiring story of how he and his wife left Ohio and began a new life in Nashville.  While initially sustaining on food stamps, Terry began marketing his training through MySpace and Craig’s List while his wife prepared custom meals for his clients.  From there, his story winds through multiple ups and downs, several gyms, and other businesses.  The constant through everything was Terry’s drive, work ethic, and commitment to the grind.  These experiences all led to the creation of TrainOD, an on demand fitness site that provides a collection of cross-functional workouts with a particular focus on mobility and restorative fitness that help clients become functionally strong and healthy while remaining injury-free. 

In our discussion, we also explore finding a way, prioritizing your resources, embracing new endeavors, and much more.   

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