Mid Mod Remodel
The Power of Sketches
The Power of Sketches 29:44 Easy Summer Projects to Tackle This Weekend 20:00 Ready to Remodel Student Interviews 50:56 Plan your remodel like your last perfect vacation 20:34 Ask Me Anything (Mid-Century) 32:28 What Happens After the Master Plan? 20:06 Architect Office Hours: pendant lights, mid-century doors, and how to focus your plans 21:34 Micro-Spaces Make the Most of Your Home 22:05 The Style Guide System (will save your sanity.) 24:41 You Don’t Need a Mid Century Mood Board 18:46 Steal Your Mid Century Style 15:49 Name Your Mid Century Remodel Era 18:07 Modern House Numbers for an MCM house – Interview with Brandy McLain 31:10 Your Perfect Mid Century Front Door 3 Ways 24:47 Modern Mudrooms for Mid-Century Homes 20:43 Best of: What’s the Right Color for My Mid-Century House? 19:39 TV vs Fireplace (AKA: how to fit your flat screen TV in a mid-century living room) 18:12 Please Don’t Paint Your Mid Century Brick 22:54 Find Your Mid Mod ReMod Squad 15:15 Become Your Home’s Historian - Interview with Atom Stevens 31:39 Cliff May Homes - Interview with Atom Stevens 34:33 Micro-masterplan Your Way to Your Perfect Kitchen 15:48 The Lazy Genius Kitchen 17:26 Mid Mod Kitchen Update Essentials 22:05 New Year, New Remodel Philosophy 17:51