Rico and The Man

Die with a Hard-On

April 22, 2022 Rob Traegler and Peter Martino Season 2 Episode 8
Rico and The Man
Die with a Hard-On
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Ezra Miller goes bat-shit, Jim Carrey and Bruce Willis peace out, Dolly Parton transcends celebrity and the boys imagine a "Rat Pack Die-Hard".   

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The Sweet 40
Peter Takes Umbrage
Ezra Miller In Trouble
The Power of Dolly
The Rat Pack Die-Hard
"West Side Story" Review
The Slack Scale
(Cont.) The Slack Scale
Tom Hanks in "Pinnochio"
Laughing Drops
Body Heat
"Secrets of Playboy"
"Beetlejuice 2"
"Obi-Wan Kenobi"
Jim Carrey Retires
Islands in the Streams