Rico and The Man

Only Elves

December 24, 2022 Rob Traegler and Peter Martino Season 2 Episode 24
Rico and The Man
Only Elves
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Rob and Peter listen to Christmas hits by Vindaloo Singh, WB scraps a Michael Keaton Batman sequel, Kirstie Alley says goodbye and Jingle The Elf returns.

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Vindaloo Singh
Jingle The Elf Returns!
"You're A Mean One, Mr Snyder"
Michael Keaton Batman Return Scrapped
(Cont.) "You're A Mean One, Mr Snyder"
RIP Kirstie Alley
Christmas Shopping and Arnold
Overrated and Underrated Christmas Movies
Billy Eichner and 'Bros'
"Private Parts"
Vindaloo Singh "All I Want For Christmas"