Rico and The Man

Hung Like A Raisin

January 29, 2023 Rob Traegler and Peter Martino Season 3 Episode 2
Rico and The Man
Hung Like A Raisin
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Rob and Peter attempt to talk sports, a dead Alan Rickman calls in from Cuba,  Alec Baldwin gets charged and Frederick Slack hosts the "Animal Kingdom of Penises Game".

Special Guests: Frederick Slack, "Alan Rickman"

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Danny Elfman
The Fat Cave
Julian Sands Hiking Story
Alec Baldwin Charged
Frederick Slack Calls In
The Animal Kingdom of Penises Game!
Positive Paul: Polar Express
"Alan Rickman" on the Phone
"The Menu"
"The Way Down"
"History of the World Part II"
Meryl Streep Joins "Only Murders in the Building"
Sports Minute!
John Williams and Short Round