The EntreMD Podcast
The Secret Superpower of 7-Figure Entrepreneurs
The Secret Superpower of 7-Figure Entrepreneurs 28:44 Taking Back Control as an Employed Physician with Dr. Weili Gray 41:09 How I Reinvented Myself and Built My Dream Private Practice with Dr. Cheruba Prabakar 25:28 Business Lessons From Training for an Ironman with Dr. Alicia Shelly 29:55 How to Defeat the Real Enemy of Your Business 23:07 Success Story: How Dr. Isabelle Amigues Launched Her Dream Direct Care Rheumatology Practice 26:20 Why Goals Change But Results Remain the Same 24:39 How I Built a Panel of 4000 Patients in 18 Months with Dr. Tolu Olabintan 27:41 How to Build Your Business in a Way That Helps You Create Your Dream Life 21:51 Two Kinds of Feedback to Ignore 18:31 What to Do When You Are Doing Everything but Not Getting Clients 19:11 The #1 Focus on Your Way to Your First $1M 23:46 5 Ways to Strategically Use Social Media to Grow Your Business 16:39 The Real Truth About the Road to Success 19:56 How This Doctor Went from Afraid to Professional Public Speaker with Dr. Tamara Beckford 36:28 The Three Areas of Focus on Your Way to Your First 100K 18:53 7 Things You Will Need to Change on Your Journey to Your First or Next Million Dollars in Business 31:59 5 ways good doctors set up their businesses to fail 23:32 How to Take Control of Your Day 18:57 When your online offer isn't converting 21:45 Top Reasons for Discouragement in Business and How to Overcome Them 28:36 When to fire a bad hire 14:18 Darker Days for Physicians Are Coming 28:10 Mom guilt and entrepreneurship 17:36 5 Ways to Increase Your Visibility So You Can Attract All the Clients You Want 22:43