My Evolved Life | Episode 7 - Beth Davis | Finding Comfort in Discomfort
My Evolved Life w/ Vu Nguyen
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My Evolved Life w/ Vu Nguyen
My Evolved Life | Episode 7 - Beth Davis | Finding Comfort in Discomfort
Jan 09, 2020 Episode 7
Vu Nguyen / Beth Davis

In today's episode, I had a deep conversation with Beth Davis, a global Yoga instructor, about how the practice of Yoga changed her life. We covered topics such as the importance of connecting to your breath, finding comfort in discomfort, and the importance of finding posture and alignment.

4:00 - What it means to be present
5:29 - Progress through depression
9:02 - What meditation is to Beth
13:39 - How to begin taking control of mental health
20:33 - Limiting beliefs imposed on us by others
25:30 - Signs you need to correct your posture
27:54 - How to get more in tune with your body
31:58 - How Beth stays ahead of mental health
36:26 - Traits of a good Yoga instructor
40:33 - Why we need to push our boundaries


Beth is a yoga teacher from Canada, presently sharing her practice, her spirituality, and her life.

She is happiest moving courageously though her life with love and something to focus her energy on. She found yoga at a time in her life when she was suffering from anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts. The practice of asana quickly began to change her life. It provided her with a foundation that she could trust in. She enjoys using her body as a gateway to the present, allowing the past and the future to slip away quietly. Many of her accomplishments on her mat have come simply from her belief that she should be able to succeed because she was born with everything that she needed.

She has completed more than 1500 hours of training and continues to study with knowledgeable teachers in the industry, including Kim Tang & Esak Garcia. She has been teaching yoga full time in Asia, Europe and North America since she graduated almost 10 years ago. 

Her competence as a teacher comes from experience. But the passion and drive for what she does comes from within her.


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