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Vulnerability, Triggers & Boundaries with Jaimie Sarah

May 24, 2022 Teresa
COACH - The Professional Coaching Podcast
Vulnerability, Triggers & Boundaries with Jaimie Sarah
Show Notes

This fly-on-the-wall podcast is all about self-reflection, looking behind the scenes and working with boundaries in our coaching businesses. An intimate conversation around the ‘duty’ of being a coach and why it’s important to share our learnings with our audiences. How do we decide what to share exactly? What if we are embarrassed or feel we aren’t perfect? Do we need to show up in a certain way all the time? Coaches can often feel a lot of pressure around this, and so we delve into the realities and Jaimie shares how she addresses that within herself for the benefit of her audience.
The exploration continues around how to manage our own triggers in a healthy way, how implementing boundaries protects both you and your clients and how running an online business can ignite perfectionism and why this can damage our brand.

About Jaimie:
Jaimie Sarah is an Executive Coach and Marketing Consultant who helps six, seven and eight Figure Experts to Attract and Retain More High Calibre Clients. She was voted Executive Coach of The Year in 2019 and 2020 and has been featured in Forbes, Thrive Global, COACH and many more.

She helps service-based experts and entrepreneurs to build and grow their businesses, The Aligned Way™, without losing their minds, burning out or being someone they’re not through a blend of sales, marketing, and mindset coaching and consulting.

Jaimie works with high-achievers for whom everything looks shiny and sparkly on the outside, and their results are already exceptional, but inside they want more.

They know they can experience and sustain business success – and personal growth – that not only looks good on the outside but that feels deeply aligned on the inside, and that creates an even bigger and lasting legacy for generations to come.

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