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Raghav Parkash - A New Culture of Leadership

December 10, 2021 Teresa
COACH - The Professional Coaching Podcast
Raghav Parkash - A New Culture of Leadership
Show Notes

Teresa is joined by Raghav Parkash for a conversation about new leadership.
How do leaders inspire the people around them and how can we all lead well?

We talk about the passion, skills and desire that creates impact and be the best for yourself and others.

 What does it take to take the reigns as an entrepreneur to lead and commit to being better. Raghav talks about 'leaders without a title' being in every walk of life.

We talk about the political space and  leadership styles and how we want leaders with humanity that we can resonate with. A culture has been created where there can be a lack of humanity within the political world that can lead to poor decisions and an closed leadership style, not to mention a risk of mental health impact. 

Raghav is passionate about bringing coaching to the political space to break the stigma and to impact all realms of leadership to offer a new route towards a foward thinking culture.

What is the sign of a great decision maker?

How can coaching impact and benefit political leaders?

Could this be the change we need in today's world?

Leadership is all about relating to each others and knowing how to really access yourself before you can access the co-operation and buy in of others. 


Raghav is an Executive and Life Coach who works to understand the very principles that drive high performance for visionary leaders in their business, life and career.

Through his coaching practice, seminars and workshops, he has worked with thousands of people rangng from CEO's, Entrepreneurs, Directors, Therapists, Lawyers, Bankers and Coaches.

To find out more about Raghav, visit: