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Diversity Maturity Part 5: Powerful Vs Marginalized
January 24, 2017 Early Childhood Leadership Academy
You’re listening to the Early Childhood Leadership Academy Podcast at Erikson Institute. Joining us for this series is Bessie Alcantara, Executive Director of BBF Family Services and a recent Barbara Bowman Leadership Fellows Alumnus who will be interviewing special guest Jim Norman. Jim is a regular presenter for the Early Childhood Leadership Academy. His area of expertise is in diversity and inclusion through various positions in a variety of organizations including Kraft and the Archdiocese. Following a recent session about leadership and diversity, the fellows were asked to complete a tool known as the personal diversity maturity index as seen in the book entitled, “Building a House for Diversity” by R. Roosevelt Thomas, Jr. The following interview takes a deeper dive into some of the questions and themes from the presentation.
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