Business Link Pacific Podcast

All you need to know about Business Link Pacific

February 03, 2020 Business Link Pacific Season 1 Episode 6
Business Link Pacific Podcast
All you need to know about Business Link Pacific
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In this episode, Steve Knapp talks about the Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade (MFAT) funded programme Business Link Pacific (BLP), and the “missing-middle;” those businesses that are too big for microfinance and informal local investors, and too small or too risky for banks or direct investors.

Steve explains how BLP supports business' during their growing phase, so they can reach their full potential, and how growing businesses can access these services.

Steve Knapp is the Director of Business Link Pacific.

Host: Emma Crawford-Falekaono

Emma has over 15 years’ experience in chartered accountancy and commercial environments globally. She started her career in accounting before taking time out to deploy as a Military Police Officer to Southern Afghanistan.  In 2014, she made the move into the tech industry and is now a Business Consultant for Business Link Pacific, delivering professional development and skills training courses to growing businesses in the Pacific region. 


Recorded, mixed & edited by Dave Rhodes of Dave Rhodes Productions.

Music credit: Alex Khaskin

Business Link Pacific is a private sector programme supported by the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade and DT Global. The core team is based in Auckland, New Zealand and supported by in-country partners in Fiji, Samoa, Papua New Guinea and Vanuatu

For more information visit the Business Link Pacific Portal:  

Guest Introduction
Why was the Business Link Pacific programme created?
Can you tell us how service providers assist growing business'?
What makes a business advisor in the BLP network credible?
How can SMEs access that advice at a cost-effective rate?
In your time as BLP Director, what evidence have you seen of the positive impact of the programme?
How do you ensure that everyone has access to the BLP programme?
How easy is it for growing businesses and service providers to use the BLP Portal?
What is the degree of confidence you have of the business environment in the Pacific?
What advice would you give an SME owner in the Pacific region?
What is the best way for people to access BLP services?