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79 Bath Street Collective
June 09, 2018 David Calder, John Kinsley
A block of flats in Portobello has become an international talking point. The building at 26 Bath Street was unique in the way, not that it was constructed though that was unusual enough, but in the way it was financed and developed. It’s already won awards. For example just last month, it won the Wood Award for best use of wood in a building in Edinburgh, presented by the Edinburgh Architectural Association. Journalists from as far afield as California have come to learn about it. One magazine this past week went so far as to suggest that it “could be the future of Scottish housing” – a claim that architect John Kinsley finds flattering but a little over the top. To find out more, Porty Podcast producer, David Calder went to meet him in his top floor flat.
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