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82 Summer Fun in the Library
June 30, 2018 David Calder, Paul Hudson
You may have noticed that most of the schools are now on holiday! On the good days (and we have had a few recently), the beach is bustling with families, the children splashing around in the sea, building sandcastles or burying granddad in the sand. But what happens on days when the weather is not so good? The kids may spend some time at home, at best playing games on assorted devices; at worst getting under everyone's feet. However. Portobello Library is offering some relief by a mix of challenges and crafts. Under the title of the Summer Reading Challenge, it draws inspiration from "The Beano" which celebrates a major anniversary this year. It's a nation-side summer project called 'Mischief Makers". Porty Podcast Producer David Calder heard more from manager Paul Hudson.
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