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98 Sounds of Porty 1
October 20, 2018 David Calder

One of the pleasures of living in Portobello is being by the sea. How many of you come down to the beach on a quiet day – and just ponder, looking out at the far horizon and letting your mind wander. It’s a great way to deal with mental block. However, we know that there are people who used to live in Porty – but now live far away, some of them far from the sea. There is in broadcasting a new trend for slow radio and TV – simply showing pictures or playing sounds without any commentary. So this is a different kind of podcast, one that will start an occasional series, called Sounds of Porty. Some of them will be like “Tweet of the Day” on Radio 4 – sound effects and nothing else. But the sea needed something else, a little perhaps poetic explanation of some the things that happen by the shoreline.

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