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224: Portobello Book Festival 2021

September 18, 2021 Episode 224
Porty Podcast
224: Portobello Book Festival 2021
Show Notes

In a world where there’s an assumption that endeavours will want to expand and grow, I find it comforting to talk to one of the Porty book festival organisers Joanne Baird about a festival, that despite it’s popularity is proud to be a local festival for the Portobello community. In this episode you’ll also hear from three of the authors featured at this years festival Emma Christie, Lesley Kelley and Grahame Howard.

Emma Christie's debut Crime Thriller, called The Silent Daughter, is partly set in Portobello and has been shortlisted for the McIlvanney Prize this year.

Lesley Kelley wrote a series of novels based in Edinburgh during an imagined pandemic. She started writing them long before we lived through a real life pandemic so we hear how the two worlds compare.

Graeme Howard is a local Portobello author and talks about his latest publications Norris Sanction and Coda, Fantaisie and an Intermezzo,.

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