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PWU Latics Podcast - Craig Fillingham Interview - Need A Little Time
August 23, 2015 Progress With Unity
This podcast was recorded the day after the Gillingham defeat.

Exiled Wiganer Craig Fillingham, who has lived in Melbourne, Australia for the past two years, joined me for a chat about all things Latics, via the miracle that is Skype, surprised that this particular piece of technology has made it all the way down to Victoria! (tongue in cheek).

Craig gives us his low down on the lengths he goes to keeping up to date with the goings on at the club and his 'match day' experience involves him getting up at midnight and staying tuned in to Latics Player until the early hours of the morning.

Craig is a lifelong Latics supporter, originally from Highfield, he also has family connections with the club. We chat about the current season, results so far, expectations and hopes for the future.

Contents: Never lose the accent! (0:00); Latics/sports coverage in Oz (2:00) including frustrations of detachment (6:00); new season, new era (10:00); missing the cup final (17:00); Sharply ambitious? (20:00) Including: you can’t hurry success (28:00)
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