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PWU Latics Podcast - Bury & Blackpool - I Saw The Lights
November 04, 2015 Progress With Unity
We start off this week with Dan's off the terrace Swindon match report and what a cracker it is, the report not the game, though the game was quite interesting in itself.

Time wasting goalkeepers, not given penalties and to book or not to book all come in for discussion.

Gary Caldwell nominated for manager of the month, oh please no not the dreaded curse!

Barry's Bury preview is up next, easy for you to say, with odds checker.

Paul gives an insight into Tuesday night's JPT opponents Blackpool, or is it an insight into Blackpool?

Contents: Guten tag, Herr Barnes (0:00); Swindon review with Dan's Off The Terrace Report (2:00), thrilling 10 minute freeview (7:20) and the Vigouroux Show (13:40); Grant thrown to the Wolves, Holtmaster Comeback Trail cancelled?! (20:00); The race to lose Manager of the Month (24:00); Yet Another Shakers Preview: Barry's Bury factfile (25:30), mixed predictions (30:00); Paul's bright and breezy (phhrt) History of Blackpool (35:00) including Crime and Deviance report (39:40), aborted predictions (41:20), Boycey's coming home (44:10); more Blackpool facts and flatulent outros (45:10)

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