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PWU Latics Podcast - Rochdale, Shrewsbury & Burton
November 18, 2015 Progress With Unity
This week we start off with Simon's off the terrace report from the Rochdale game, we take a look back at the action and what was a good day out.

Rob gives us his Shrewsbury preview, this is followed by some very optimistic predictions from the crew, reminiscent of the Swindon ones!

We discuss some points raised by our listeners about the loanees before moving on to a look at Tuesday night’s game with Burton

Contents - Hairy intros (0:00); Rochdale review including Simon's From The Terrace report (1:50), Perkins breaks leg on ball shocker & Revelling up (6:30), Rochdale chippy review (9:18) and defence of Yanic (12:20); Wigan Athletic: Home of International Rugby (17:30); Shrewsbury preview with Rob's footballing history (21:00), Shrewsbury Scrooge (26:10), Si's Odds Checker (27:35) and hefty predictions (31:00); listener questions: Pennant return in January and over-reliance on loan contracts? (33:00); Paul's League One numbers game (37:00); Al-be-on that bus: a Burton mini preview (44:00) with more measured predictions (46:20); John Stones' Paint newsflash (47:40) and a dogged admission (50:25)
Fartwatch: I'll trump that! (28:20)
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