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December 31, 2015 Progress With Unity
Oh, Merry New Winterval! As the Book Cycle Studios are locked down this week, we are unable to bring you your regularly scheduled episode of the PWU Podcast.

Do not despair, however, as we have prepared for such an eventuality. Just in case you missed any episodes from the 2015/16 season, we have pasted together a Denis Norden-esque collection of mildly memorable clips and quips to help you catch up. Because we know it can be difficult trawling through almost 20 editions in search of those you forgot to download.

Just how accurate are the panellists’ pre-season predictions at the campaign’s halfway point? What was Manny Flores feeding his son the night before he scored his first competitive goal? And why did the deplorable Phil Dowd ruin Paul’s Christmas?

I’m sure you’d rather know the answers to those questions than hear us whine about the Fleetwood game, eh?

Part two coming next week. Parts three and four to come in the summer of 2016.Add a description here.

Contents - Intro to the new season (0:00), Holtmaster hopes (0:30) and predictions for 2015/16 (1:50);Coventry stadium review (4:30); ‘Friday Night’ Bury review with added milk (5:35); Smashin’ It: live from the Scunthorpe game (8:30) with a titillating Jiggling-ham story (11:00); Dan’s Crewe-cial preview (13:00); favourite Latics eras (14:30); Transfer Deadline Day dealings (19:10); who’s impressed so far (23:30); Port Vale flying steward (28:35); Mick’s infamous Fleetwood preview, mostly uncut (30:00); Manny Flores interview (37:35); Phil Dowd Ruined My Christmas (43:30); “we’re s***, we were better in the Prem” (45:20); Don’t you remember? We beat Man City (48:00)
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