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PWU Latics Podcast - At A Loss What To Say
January 04, 2017 Progress With Unity
We're back for 2017 after the Christmas recess.

Quite a bit of anger around the table this evening over the current situation, I think we have a pop at everyone!

Just not good enough the top and bottom of it all and the future looks to be a little daunting.

We have an FA cup game to look forward to, Forest at the DW on Saturday, we are all hoping for a no pressure, high octane, entertaining game with goals galore, well there is nothing wrong with hoping.

0:00 Statistical intro to 2017
2:00 A very non-festive Christmas super review
4:00 It'll be lonely this Christmas, up front on your own
10:00 'Football Manager' instead of 'Championship Manager' management
14:00 Warren Joyce = Kenny Senior
18:00 Should they tell us what's going on?
23:00 Welcome to the transfer window AKA 'sign 'em and sit 'em on the bench'
26:00 Shorts Day 2017: A show of solidarity
33:00 Nottingham Forest preview: show Paul the readies
37:00 Best (only) predictions of the year so far, including Mick Rant Alert! (43:00)
46:00 Plan for Jan: place your relegation bets
51:30 Gareth's Last Words: an endless end
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