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PWU Latics Podcast - The Bogez
February 08, 2017 Progress With Unity
Have we found ourselves a new hero?

Sheffield Wednesday review – what a dull game

Norwich and Omar Bogle at the double, more like it and signs that we could actually get out of trouble, if only we would play with intent.

Can we stay up Steward Hart asks? I think we're split 60/40 on this one.

Fulham at the weekend down by the river, preview.

A Valentine treat for the Black Country, the Latics are at Wolves on Tuesday, preview.

0:00 Non-intros
1:30 Sheff Wed review with approximate stats
6:00 Beaten by the Shin of God AKA Jake Fred Buxton
10:30 Return of the Snake: Latics-Norwich review
12:00 No red cards? An ode to shithousing
14:50 Norwich Off The Terrace with not Simon
19:00 Dan Burn: The Awesome Truth & Jakob Haugaard: The Awful Truth
29:50 PWU Reader Q&A: Will Latics stay up?
39:00 Fake News: Local Paper Bloopers #19837
40:00 Fulham preview with a quick shoutout for Dan from Fulham fansite Hammyend
44:00 Reverse psychology Fulham predictions
51:00 Wolves preview & speed dating predictions (52:00)
54:00 The DW pitch is ready to explode & obligatory pastry chat
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