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PWU Latics Podcast - Driving Away From Home
February 22, 2017 Progress With Unity
The mood is changing quicker than the North West weather in the PWU studio at the moment.

A draw and a defeat leave us all dreading what's staring us in face after a little bit of euphoria last week, well that what it's like being a football fan, up one minute, down the next!

We have a look back at the Preston and QPR games, penalty decisions, bookings, goals and other talking points whilst Adam gives us his run down on his visit to Loftus Road, a tale of two halves by all accounts.

Just where are we at the moment, we have a look at the Latics form under Warren Joyce and ponder if we can still pull it around.

We finish off with a preview of the Forest game this Saturday and Si gives us the latest odds on a goalless draw.

0:00 Comeback #ntros
1:50 Latics v Prest£n rev1ew: phantom penalties & phantom runs
8:00 Welcome to defensive stability & Cup Final capers ##}
11:00 (Sadly pieless) QPR v Latics review: arbitrary booking allocation
16:00 We got a penalty, woo yeaaah!
23:00 Stat showdown: King Joyce v Superman Caldwell
27:00 'Draws are no good' vs. 'don't lose under any circumstances'
33:00 Does Joyce trust his players?
38:40 Tree-mendous Latics v Forest preview & pred&ctions (42:00)
44:00 Si's Cup Final #5 OddschUcker
49:00 Fear %f failure?
52:00 Shameless All Gone Latics Fanzine plug
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